May 2011

3338 Cyclists Climb to Tatajia 塔塔加

It’s been a busy few weeks. Monday to Friday in the office or going out to visit suppliers or customers. The weekends has mainly been about photo shooting. I have been attending cycling events every weekend, supporting cyclists and trying to improve my strike rate of good photos. I am finding I’m being restricted a […]

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Three Steps to Producing / Accessing a New Carbon Frame

Most cyclists or even discerning buyers would probably not recognize this “brand”. The Fritz Jou booth at Taipei Cycle is, moreover,  not a particularly busy one. This company, though, handles production for very prestigious brands. Busyness, or lack of it, is no guide to business volume or potential. Just around the corner are more flawless […]

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The Obesity Paradox and the Benefits of Low-Cadence Strength Cycling Workouts

Here’s some cycling-relevant material from the Journal of Sports Sciences. You’ll have to subscribe to the journal to be able to read the whole articles and it would be mostly technical details, but the main points are interesting. 1. Being obese is a good deal less of a danger to your health than not being […]

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