Do You Love Your Bike?

Actually, the correct phrase is “Now: Do you love your bike”? It’s the conclusion to an article from Bicycling Magazine’s editor Bill Strickland, published in the May 2008 edition. I’ve tried to find some sort of link or reference to this online but can’t. To see it in full, you’ll probably have to dig up […]

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Heightened Awareness: birds and wolves

More musings. This is becoming a habit. “Bicycle touring is heightened awareness. You actually SEE the morning light,” writes RJ. Exactly. Cut off from the world in your automobile, you are. Senses dulled, lights and sounds filter uncertainly into the cabin. On the bike it’s different. No, its radically different. You are not on your bike. You […]

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A Contented Becoming – The Joy of Cycling

New category: “Musings”. This is what happens when you go cycling. Things become simple, clear. You think up things, you think about things you would not be able to anywhere else. There’s a scene in  Legally Blonde, where Elle Woods is about to give up being a lawyer. She complains that it’s no use trying […]

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