Taiwan KOM Challenge 2012

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“Oh…fuuccck, fuuhck” he breathed, looking at the next ramp just ahead. This is the mountain of truth, whichever way you go up it, and in this last 10 odd km section, the truth will out. I was looking down from the roadside through the first switchbacks of the final ascent to the pass at Wuling […]

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Taiwan Cup 2011 – International Teams Check In

It’s a wonderful morning in Hualien with bright sunshine and the temperature climbing. Mr. Rostaing of the Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille reflected most teams’ sentiments by observing that “It sure is a great day for cycling”.  He was the first of the teams to check-in, collect their documents and pick up their team cars. Team […]

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Taiwan Cycling Festival Approaches

It’s been a very busy few weeks so blog posts have been put to one side. The Taiwan Cycling Festival is coming up early next month and I have been asked to help out in an organizational capacity. I hope to have more to say on this soon. After last year’s cancellation, this year’s event […]

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Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, and classic European races show a unique progression of road cycling speed in the last 20 years

Article recently published which will be of interest to some. Follow this to the abstract. You’ll need access rights to get the full text. What a week! Maybe there’ll be some time to post on wheelhub manufacturing now that the weekend is here. We’ll see . . .

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