Frame Jig Manufacturing Workshop and New E-book on Getting Started in Cycling

Over at Primavera Cycles, we are in the process of developing a new alloy road-bike model. We will be documenting this in as much detail as possible. One recent post in the Newsroom dealt with issues to do with the top tube taper.

Today there is brief photographic report giving some insight into the workshop that will be producing the jigs for the particular tube shapes that constitute bicycle frames. So, if you are technically minded, there might be something of interest there. A heads-up on various developments will be available in advance on Facebook in close to real time.

Bryan over at Biking to Live has just published an E-book on getting back into road cycling if you were once into it and need some pointers in getting up and going again. It’s a great summary of the essentials.

Next post on Satin Cesena will have lots of photos of a great day of cycling on Sunday (22 August) and later this week a look at what goes on in an alloy tube manufacturing workshop. Or, it’s probably better to say a “processing” and “preparation” workshop since that’s mainly what they do to the raw material — lengths of alloy tubing — that are ordered in.

I’ll be focusing specifically on the process of butting alloy tubing, a sophisticated, yet simple, process that makes a butted alloy frame great value-for-money when placed alongside much more expensive (or very low quality) carbon frames. A bike brand can source carbon frames from China-based manufacturers for $US 200 these days.

5 thoughts on “Frame Jig Manufacturing Workshop and New E-book on Getting Started in Cycling”

  1. My wife has been bike shopping and a few of the big manufacturers were trying to push the low-end composite frame because, and I quote one sales woman, “road bikes are naturally uncomfortable”. My wife was far more comfortable on the alloy frames.

  2. My pleasure…the book is really a nice balance between getting too detailed and missing the important stuff. I’m sure readers will appreciate Bryan’s efforts and the quality of the content.

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