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Al 7005 and Al 7046 Aluminum Alloy – What’s In the High-End Bicycle Frame Mix?

Al 7005 is the main alloy you’ll find in higher end bicycle frames. An alternative is Al 7046 which is 80% stronger and around 16% lighter. It costs more but not so much more as to make it not cost-effective to use it. Here’s what goes into these alloys in the various % proportions, what makes […]

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Bicycle Frame Making with Aluminum Alloy – Key Processes: T4 vs T6 Heat Treatment, AL 6061 vs AL 7005

Since I have new aluminum alloy model on the drawing board, here is a brief coverage of key considerations in aluminum alloy frame construction behind the production of these frames. Grades of Aluminum Alloy 7005 is the grade of aluminum alloy I use for my frames. Most manufacturers of alloy high-end frames in Taiwan use […]

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Bicycle (Alloy) Frame Maintenance – Cleaning Your Bike is Really Important

There is plenty of information around on cleaning your bike and products to assist you in doing this. Many of these products are aimed at removing heavy, congealed dirt on chains and the frame. In my opinion, if you are in the position of having to use these sorts of detergents, it is too late. […]

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