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Sure Fire Way to Find a Fork (and just about any) Supplier

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I am in the final stage of planning for an all-alloy bike, no carbon components at all, for the low-end of the market. This has meant selecting a quality fork producer. I produce my own carbon forks and have not yet used an alloy fork. So I have had to search for a producer. Probably […]

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Carbon Component Finish Outsourcing

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Sabinna headed out to a components service supplier recently.  Customers were waiting on frame orders. The frames were ready but not the forks. So the new order of forks needed to  be processed and then painted asap. It was a case of  having to give them a bit of a prod to move the production through […]

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Where would you rather your bicycle be manufactured—China or Taiwan?

You’d probably hope for the latter, although it’s unlikely to be the case. Back in March Velo News published an article pointing out what industry insiders all know: that high-end bicycle frames are 1) hand made by 2) a few large manufacturers (in which Giant looms prominent) based in China. When it comes to the rest […]

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3D Printing Bicycle Components

Quite some time ago I promised to have a look at the potential of 3D printing in relation to quick production of frame prototypes. It seems that  especially when it comes to fast turnaround on prototype parts, 3D printing offers clear advantages. Recently the complete printing of a nylon bicycle has attracted a bit of […]

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Bicycle Components

Yes components, nuts and bolts, bits and pieces are a bit ho-hum. But this is what Taipei Cycle is more or less all about: the increasingly complex Taiwan – China – Taiwan supply chain that makes mid- to high-end bicycles possible. You’ll find agents of  well-known and no so well-known brands moving about, checking, comparing, […]

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Seat Post Clamp, Seat Post, Derailleur Cage Component Workshop and Looking Ahead to Taipei Cycle 2011

One of the main reasons for publishing this blog has been to make it easier to access information that may be otherwise not so easy to come by. Taiwan is of central importance in the design and manufacturing of mid- to high end bicycle components. But knowing what goes on exactly, and where, is another […]

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