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Premium Rush – Fixed Gear, Steel Frame, No Brakes

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“Brakes are Death” says Wilee, the main dude in this frenetic portrait of a NYC bike courier being pursed by a mad-as-a-hatter cliched corrupt NYPD cop who wants to wrest a wee slip of paper, destined for a drop-off across town, from him. It’s the sort of line you might expect from The Duke in, […]

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New High Grade Alloy Model from Giant and Merida Under $US 900? – Context and Possible Implications

Andrew at Taiwan in Cycles recently posted on this week’s signing of a FTA between China and Taiwan, “ECFA“. He suggests that this will be good for the larger players such as Giant Manufacturing, and will put increasing pressure on the smaller companies. I’d briefly like to add some observations to this. I have been […]

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Do You Love Your Bike?

Actually, the correct phrase is “Now: Do you love your bike”? It’s the conclusion to an article from Bicycling Magazine’s editor Bill Strickland, published in the May 2008 edition. I’ve tried to find some sort of link or reference to this online but can’t. To see it in full, you’ll probably have to dig up […]

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Cycling Culture, Cycling Infrastructure, Bike Sharing – LOHAS

First Movement . . . she is . . . absolutely. She’s somewhere in downtown Taichung, this amazing sculpture set in front of a new apartment complex. There’s a story here. Given the time I would like to track it down. Another darn thing that’ll have to wait. What gets me is the vibe. I find […]

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