carbon fiber

Three Steps to Producing / Accessing a New Carbon Frame

Most cyclists or even discerning buyers would probably not recognize this “brand”. The Fritz Jou booth at Taipei Cycle is, moreover,  not a particularly busy one. This company, though, handles production for very prestigious brands. Busyness, or lack of it, is no guide to business volume or potential. Just around the corner are more flawless […]

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3D Printing Bicycle Components

Quite some time ago I promised to have a look at the potential of 3D printing in relation to quick production of frame prototypes. It seems that  especially when it comes to fast turnaround on prototype parts, 3D printing offers clear advantages. Recently the complete printing of a nylon bicycle has attracted a bit of […]

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Carbon Composites Ratio of Stiffness to Density

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry 2011 Handbook arrived in the mail a day or so ago. You can download a copy of it at the WFSGI website. It’s of specific interest due to the section on the bicycle industry. NB also the article on the impact of electric bikes. One article “Composites […]

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