From Taipei Cycle Innovative Products to d&i Awards and now Eurobike Award Candidate

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Haiwan from Qbicle has done quite well with his Tangent Fender since first winning an award at Taipei Cycle’s 2011 Innovative Products Competition. 2011 was to be the last for that particular competition. In 2012 it was replaced by the d&i Awards. Individuals or companies with products that have been available to the market for either less […]

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Bicycle Components — What Does Technological Progress Mean?

“Technology is created by the young, for the young ” says Daniel Wilson. It might be about the technology itself or just about getting old and not being as easily able to relate to technological innovations. It’s the sort of thing you could spend some time arguing about. If you accept that true technological advance is […]

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Innovative-Product Introduction Sessions – New for Taipei International Cycle Show

Beginning this year a total of 18 30-min time slots have been allocated for companies to introduce (significantly) innovative products. Every company with a booth at Taipei Cycle 2011 is able to apply, but priority will go to companies that have been shortlisted for the 2011 Innovative Products Competition who wish to avail themselves of […]

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Wheelhub Assembly – cartridge bearings, freehub body

This is the followup post to the exploration of the cold forge and CNC hub factory I posted about recently. Once hubshells have been forged or machined, they are painted (outsourced) and then returned to be completed: cartridge/sealed bearing and axle assembly. Painted hub is placed on the bearing setter. Bearings are there on the […]

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Wheelbuilding 101 – Rims, Hubs, Spokes, and Cost Effectiveness

This is the first post of a few talking about wheelbuilding production issues. Technology is important but will not be the exclusive focus. Can’t be the exclusive focus. I’ll try to explain this later. The overall idea is similar to the principle discussed in a recent post: technological solutions must be cost effective. And I think cost-effectiveness […]

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Rest in Peace – The Rest is History

As you drive through the Taichung county hinterland, you will see this rising above the rice-fields. When you get right up to it, this is what it will look like: A water-tower. Well, yes…and no. Imposing, and–as I understand it these days–no longer used. It also marks the burial site of the failure of an […]

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