International Bicycle Design Competition

Folding Electric Bike Design for Commuters | Trending Strongly

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Coming off Eurobike 2012, Bike Biz mulls over the idea that what is, and what is not, a trend is not all that clear. They have a point.  You have a whole lot of products that are quite visibly on display across the Eurobike halls. And then you have all the nooks and crannies containing […]

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Major Changes for 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition

The Bike Europe Website has just announced a  significant changes to the structure and procedure of the IBDC. This competition is the first key event for the annual Taipei Cycle. The Show runs from 9am Wednesday thru 3pm Saturday in the first or second week of March each year. The announcement of the finalists, usually […]

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16th IBDC Taipei Cycle 2012: Silver and Bronze Awards; Other working prototypes

The 19 finalists in this year’s field. In a corner of the 4th floor display area, this year largely given over to the inaugural d&i awards, was a version of the 2011 Gold award winner, Marco Mainardi’s Aria. This year’s Gold award winner, Larry Chen’s Velocity was something more likely to appeal to a wider target […]

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16th International Bicycle Design Competition Winner –The Velocity, Taipei Cycle 2012

An interesting mix of finalists from the 839 entries for the 16th IBDC. 19 designs were selected for a share of the awards: Merit, Excelllent, and  Silver and Gold. Offering quite a contrast to last year’s IBDC winning entry, Larry Chen’s Velocity took out the number one spot and the Gold Award. This is an electric assisted […]

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Conservative Majority vs Innovative Minority – No Middle Ground in Bicycle Design?

Bike Biz has just published an overview of the recent Taipei Cycle. The general idea is that trends are being reflected, not established, in keeping with the conservative nature of these sorts of trade shows. There are a few aspects to this. One very important one is commercial. For example with regards to some new models […]

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Aria by Marco Mainardi – Somerset by Chen-Wei Chang & Chai-Chi Chang: Taipei International Cycle Show

Today’s post continues this initial post from the first day of the show. Marco Mainardi’s Aria is certainly interesting. Whether it’s a winner though, depends on your perspective. This is the scale model that was on display outlining the fundamentals of the original concept. There have been compromises in the translation to a working prototype, however, […]

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