Over six thousand feet of climbing, 30% grades: standard crank and 11-25 cassette?? Surely not!

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Around 700 cyclists, mainly on road bikes, headed off around a classically scenic 77km  route through the hills out the back of Taipei on Sunday. The weather was perfect, the sun was out and, in combination with the climbs, dished out liberal dollops of punishment left, right, and center. There were four climbs to deal […]

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Life after pro cycling—getting a career at the end of a career

The great majority of elite sportsmen and women face the challenge of life after their sporting careers have come to an end. If you are lucky enough—or have simply put in the hard yards—to have made it big in one of the “A-list” disciplines that attract the mass support of the public—Tennis, Golf, Football, and […]

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TUAA Alishan The Summit of Clouds Extreme Cycling Challenge 2011

75km of climbing that tops out at 2174m certainly has its rewards on a summer’s day. 61 qualified cyclists contested the elite section with around 2000 “citizen” cyclists ranging from 15 to 67 years taking part in the main event. (Another view of the event here). When they heard that the 1st prize for this […]

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Stage 4 – Tour of Taiwan 2011 – Hsinchu to Sun Moon Lake

From HsinJu, one of Taiwan’s high tech centers, to Sun Moon Lake, Stage 4 covered 194km. Leaving at 9.30am the leading group had completed the stage by a bit after 2pm. The 2011 Tour of Taiwan kicked off just as Taipei Cycle 2011 drew to a close. Normally the Tour is organized so the final […]

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National Cycling Club Series – Stage 1

Saturday 2pm. Rendezvous time at the office for departure to Taipei. The cycling season is officially underway with the National Cycling Club’s first event of the year on Sunday 13 March. Actually, a time-trial was planned for Saturday but was cancelled because a Tsunami alert was issued early Friday evening. The events were to be […]

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Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, and classic European races show a unique progression of road cycling speed in the last 20 years

Article recently published which will be of interest to some. Follow this to the abstract. You’ll need access rights to get the full text. What a week! Maybe there’ll be some time to post on wheelhub manufacturing now that the weekend is here. We’ll see . . .

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