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Facing the Great Mountain – A Training Ride to 3275m to Prepare for the Wuling Cup

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Everyone looks forward to this 55km and 2800m of elevation climb in central Taiwan. This is because they’ve largely forgotten how they felt at the finish the last time they did it The average gradient of around 6% sounds ok. But the numerous 12-15% sections along with the altitude soon take their toll. For many […]

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2011 Mass Ascent of He Huan Shan

This year’s Never Stop永不放棄 challenge ride from Puli to Wuling (武嶺) at 3275m was the most popular ever. Somewhere in the order of 6700 cyclists and their support headed towards the pass beginning 5am Sunday. To get a better idea of what the climb is about, checkout this post from the 2010 edition of this event and […]

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More Cycling Up He Huan Shan (鐵屁股)

After accompanying Gijs and Han on their assault on He Huan Shan (鐵屁股) last Sunday, I was back there again on Saturday! Stage 4 of this year’s National Cycling Club Series will be the He Huan Shan climb from Puli to Wuling on 1 May. With stages 2 & 3 coming up in 3 weeks […]

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Gijs and Han Ascend He Huan Shan (鐵屁股)

Sunday20 March, the day after Taipei Cycle 2011 Gijs Roovers and Han Goes had an appointment with He Huan Mountain. The show was over, the appointment book cleared. It was time to ride. Han is very familiar with the mountain and always enjoys the challenge having faced it quite a few times in the past. Gijs […]

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Fall He Huan Shan (Mountain) Climbing Classic – Iron Ass (鐵屁股) II Celebration of the Cycling Spirit

Early in the summer I posted about a cycling event on Taiwan’s most revered cycling climb. Each year in the early Fall, the Never Stop group organizes the biggest of these rides up He Huan mountain — or “iron ass” (鐵屁股) as the cycling community calls it — which attracts participants from right across Taiwan. Check […]

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He Huan Shan (Mountain) Climbing Classic – Iron Ass (鐵屁股), Iron Soul

Every few months or so, large groups of cyclists take on the He Huan Shan ride. Every weekend you will likely see small groups and many solitary riders making their way upwards. It’s part of the San Heng Yi Siu (三橫一豎) the ‘trinity’ of Cross-Island highways — North, Central, and South -that cyclists often like […]

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