Bike Frame Design – Steps and Issues in Designing a Women-Specific Alloy Road Bike Frame

A few years ago, I set about designing an alloy road bike frame specifically for women.  Well, I was actually just designing a frame for myself, because the existing choices were very poor in Taiwan; these designs were formulated with the US and European markets in mind. The market in Taiwan was (still is?) considered […]

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Heightened Awareness: birds and wolves

More musings. This is becoming a habit. “Bicycle touring is heightened awareness. You actually SEE the morning light,” writes RJ. Exactly. Cut off from the world in your automobile, you are. Senses dulled, lights and sounds filter uncertainly into the cabin. On the bike it’s different. No, its radically different. You are not on your bike. You […]

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Humanity’s? Man’s? Woman’s? Greatest Invention.

The record-breaking woman cannot be graceful; the peculiar action of cycle propulsion at high speed will not permit it in her case, and as she poses in scorching attitude, twists her pedal as rapidly as she is able, and in fact centers all her attention and energy towards the attainment of speed, she cannot fail […]

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