Taiwan Cycling Festival 2010 – one blogger is on his way already

As we get closer to the start of the Festival, I have just come across Mark Blacknell’s blog. He will be attending the event, and intends to blog about it. I for one will be interested to read about his experiences.

I would hope the organizers take note of this sort of coverage as well. It is valuable feedback for the future.

In his first post, Mark talks about the journey itself –he’s not looking forward to the flight, comparing it to one he made to Hong Kong. He says HK more than rewarded the discomfort of the journey though. I feel quietly confident that he will feel the same having visited Taiwan’s east coast. Anyhow, we will see.

A Facebook page has also been started up. So far it’s mainly in Chinese, but I’m sure it will be bilingual before long.

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  1. His itinerary sucks massively. The GIO flunky who designed had obviously never been on a bike ride longer than 20 kms and knew nothing about the east coast. I’ll be writing them a letter about it. I’m hoping he can stay an extra couple of days so I and a friend can take him over the Northern Cross Island Highway.

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