Three Steps in Packing Your Bike for Air Travel


Thanks for clicking through to this post. I’m sorry to say that it has been temporarily removed and is in the process of being updated to be re-released in the future as an E-book.


3 thoughts on “Three Steps in Packing Your Bike for Air Travel”

  1. Wow, what an incredibly detailed post….thanks for taking the time and including all the photos. I’ve traveled with my bike a few times, but I sure could have used tips like yours prior to that. I’ll keep this post handy for the next time I travel.

    I hope to see your blog as one of the top ones for Crank.


  2. thanks for dropping by Darryl…doing this is pretty easy, the key is to make sure the foam covers all tubes and there are no loose bits inside the box. It works B2B for the industry and it can be certainly made to work for cyclists themselves. And thanks for your good wishes!

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