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A View Inside OEM & ODM Bicycle Manufacturing in Taiwan

Taiwan is world-central for mid- to high-end bicycle manufacturing.

Click around this site to find a whole bunch of articles covering a range of manufacturing processes and issues.

Many of the topics are covered nowhere else. Enter a few keywords into the search box, or scroll down the Menu category pages. If you are bike tech geek, you’ll be surprised what turns up.

There are also several articles on the social and cultural aspects of cycling here and there as well.

I have been active in Taiwan’s bike industry since 2006, writing off and on about the industry over the years.

I now work as a marketing consultant and technical writer.

Current clients include:
First Components
Scada International Co. Inc.
APMS International Co. Ltd. (Pedotec)

~Glenn Reeves
Taichung, Taiwan


How do you avoid a 57% drop in revenue in one hit?

To kick off 2022, here’s a story about a business dilemma. Picture a growing, youngish bike component manufacturing company a bit to the north of Taichung. On one hand they offer flexible MOQs in order to service smaller, boutique bike brands. On the other, they’re dead set on snagging the business of the mega players,

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Square Taper & Octalink Crank Removal

You need special tools and the right technique to remove the crank from a square taper or ISIS/Octalink bottom bracket. This video shows the whole procedure in quite a lot of detail. The specialist tools you require are the ISIS/Octalink driver that fits into a half-inch square drive wrench. The best wrench to use is

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Bottom Bracket Removal – Square Taper or Octalink

Here’s a great video on how to remove a bottom bracket. Also check out the most complete article on Square Taper Bottom Brackets available on the internet. The focus is square taper or ISIS bottom brackets. The presenter shows what tools to use and how to use them. He starts off with demonstrating different ways

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Urban Bicycle Culture – From Bicycles vs Cars to LEVs

Many cyclists would like to see the end to the rule of the car in the modern city. They wish to see a transportation culture built around bicycles instead. Mikael Colville-Andersen is one who argues forcefully for this, the key theme being that cities need to be built around people and social needs. He spoke

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