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15th International Bicycle Design Competition Winners and Awards – Taipei Cycle

Glenn Reeves

A few hours ago the award ceremony for the winners of the 15th IBDC took place. (WordPress is being really difficult so the photos and texts might display untidily). All fine now.

The Gold Award went to Marco Mainardi’s Aria for which he received € 12,500. There is a lot to discuss about this. It will have to wait until after the show though, since it is mega, mega busy at the booth.







Marco is congratulated by TBEA Chairman Tony Lo


The frameset.

The Silver award went to Chang Chen-Wei and Chang Chi-Zhi of Taiwan with their Somerset. This was revealed in two working prototypes.

The Bronze award went to Jason Ho’s (HK) Hybrid Golf. This converts from a bicycle into a golf trolly and back again through a mechanism opened by hand or small motor. It is said to “adapt” to it’s terrain ie. the golf course.

This was only available for viewing as a scale model.

The Excellent awards: Xeno, RSV, U.L.E.V, U3, Movo, and Bihandy. Pics and discussion on these when time permits. Whew!

Merit awards: Thin(k)er, Sorena, Reusable Public Bike, Power, Pedal Squared, Lugga, Just One Step, iPteromyini, Guluxuan 2010, Eco-Driving Key Point.

A gallery of select photos from the day will be up on my Flickr page soon.

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