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16th IBDC Taipei Cycle 2012 Models on Display 1 – Flitz

Glenn Reeves

Here’s the first post of several giving some idea of the other concept designs on display at this year’s IBDC, many of which won excellence and merit awards, but did not make it to the podium.

Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter’s Flitz was one of the most “interesting” designs offered up this year. It was developed with the aim of providing a “completely new mobility experience”. As you can see, different it is.

It shares a distant affinity with last year’s Running Sports Vehicle entry through doing away with the traditional drive train altogether.

The frame is laminated and sports a 5-point belt, harness system. The claim is for a “comfortable ergonomic” riding experience with the belt replacing the saddle. There is an option to attach luggage on the top as well.

The guys were on hand to make sure their scale model was displayed as perfectly as possible.

We did not see any of this action at the Nangang Exhibition Center. But it would certainly have turned some heads.

Design owes as much to tinkering as to thinking. Via






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