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16th IBDC Taipei Cycle 2012 Models on Display 2 – Surf, Visionair, Basket Bike, Spotlight

Glenn Reeves


The designers, Zhong-Fa Lie and Yoori Koo have livening up “dreary” city life  in mind with their Surf. The convertible boards at the back can be rotated rearwards and down to the ground.

A passenger can stand on the back and be towed along. Or items can be transported, probably a lot heavier than a simple rear-rack would permit. The trolley’s wheels allow this; the lower center of gravity for particularly heavy items would probably help as well.


A luxury sports bike featuring an integrated air suspension/pump mechanism with a retractable valve tucked inside the leather tool pouch which is integrated into the frame.

There are also LED lights integrated into the brake levers. The front brakes are integrated into the forks in order to give a cleaner finish.


By Taiwan designer Zong-Syun Chou, is about simplicity and portability.

The front basket is located behind the head tube to eliminate steering problems resulting from weighty items as you might expect if the basket was located in front of the HT.

The rear basket is similarly integrated into the frame. The idea is to lessen the impact of vibrations that might shake your shopping items up, as might happen with a more flimsy accessory add-on carrier.


Designed by Karl Huang, principally with night riding in mind. The light is integrated into the overall structure, similarly to the previous design’s baskets.


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