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16th IBDC Taipei Cycle 2012 Models on Display 3 – Happy Paradise, BO-90, Beecycle, Vienna Bike, Zoo Zeeg, Quick Fit, Network, Ricor’s, Pair Up

Glenn Reeves

Following on from the related posts (here and here), this completes the 2012 IBDC designs that made it through to the final round of judging.

Happy Paradise

By Taiwan’s Shi Shun-Min, this will adjust to the growth of a child through the years by means of its sliding structure. The one bike can then fit a host of riders of differing heights. A cooler name would be appropriate. Still this comes across as one of the more intriguing and interesting designs.


This design by Jayadevi Venugopal and Sabari Girish Ravikumar reflects the Basket Bike concept integrating cargo or passenger carrying capacity into the frame.

It targets what the designers view as a missing space in developing countries for relevant and robust transport solutions. The twin-tubing is low-cost and will support extra passengers and/or a lot of cargo.


By Winnie Ngai, Hong Kong. This is possibly one of the least convincing displays. Designed for a public bike-sharing scheme in mind, the Beecycle generates electricity in use. When the unit is replaced in the storage/collection point, the power is transferred into the grid.

One contradiction of e-bikes is the carbon-neutral tag that often accompanies the marketing; they are if the battery charging source is not dependent on fossil-fuels. The Beecycle addresses that. If this is its only feature, though, then in design-terms it comes across as quite one-dimensional.

Vienna Bike

By Valentin Vodev. An electric assist tricycle that is envisaged to give the same riding sensation as a bi-cycle by means of its unique steering and suspension system.

The cargo boxes can load to a maximum of 150 liters of fluids or 40kg of goods. The loading platform has a quick release for convenient securing or change-over of cargo. A specially designed child’s seat can also be secured to the frame.

Measuring 35cm across the rear axel together with its unique folding system makes both storage and transportation very convenient. Simple aethetics and multifunctional design make this an attractive package.

Zoo Zeeg

By Mahdi Momeni, this is a full-suspension MTB which generates electricity out of the air flow across an integrated wind generator while riding and stored in a lithium battery. This power is then available to charge electronic devices. I think the comments about the Beecycle also apply here.

Quick Fit

By Paddy Milford, this is for a bike share scheme. The bike is unlocked by swiping a registered chipcard over the top of the steerer. The card also encodes basic data about the user’s physique. The frame will adjust automatically.


Philipp Schaake’s concept envisages the incorporation of a variety of technical gadgetry operated through a touch screen that projects forward of the steerer. Variable front and back lighting programs would be available. 3C units can be installed in the container nestled between the handlebar forks.  This is opened and closed by means of the touch screen. A similar container for tools or valuables, installed in the BB-downtube-seat tube junction would also be operated, locked and unlocked, through the touch screen.

Ricor Lee’s Wooden Bike

This design engages with 3D compression molding processes for wood. This material has the feel of natural wood but is actually much harder than existing ABS thermoplastics and thermoplastic polymers. It’s natural surface effect means no painting is necessary.

Pair Up

Suk-Ho Yu & Sang-Min Park. It’s about time a tandem concept was featured. This envisages making it easy for the person in front to adjust their seat and the person at the back to easily adjust their handlebar.


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