The Taiwan Bicycle
Manufacturing Industry Review

2010 Archive

1 14th International Bike Design Competition – Tribune (competition entry)

2 YBN SLF210 Titanium Chain – Road Test

3 14th International Bike Design Competition 2010 – The “Evolution” Bike (competition entry)

4 International Bike Design Competition 2010 – some observations

5 Six Steps in Checking Alloy Frame Alignment

6 Free Bikes For Everyone?

7 Six Steps to Finding an OEM Supplier

8 Funky Eurobike Flashbike

9 The Commerical Logic of Cycling Tribes – Roadies vs MTBikers vs BMXers etc

10 Compression Clothing Does Not Work

11 Humanity’s? Man’s? Woman’s? Greatest Invention

12 A Contented Becoming – The Joy of Cycling

13 Technology and Business is Not Either/Or – Magnesium Rising?

14 Rest in Peace – The Rest is History

15 Three Steps in Packing your Bicycle for Air Travel

16 But You Guys Don’t Ride Bikes!

17 Cycling Culture, Cycling Infrastructure, Bike Sharing – LOHAS

18 Heightened Awareness: birds and wolves

19 Wheelbuilding 101 – Rims, Hubs, Spokes, and Cost-Effectiveness

20 Wheelbuilding 201 – Hub and Spoke Compatibility

21 Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, and classic European races show a unique progression of road cycling speed in the last 20 years

22 New TCR Composite 1, FCR Composite – New Strategy from Giant

23 Bicycle Framebuilding – Magnesium and Aluminum Compared and Contrasted

24 Wheelhub Manufacturing Workshop – Cold Forge, CNC and Bicycle Component Factory Culture

25 He Huan Shan (Mountain) Climbing Classic – Iron Ass (鐵屁股), Iron Soul

26 Wheelhub Assembly – Cartridge Bearing, Freehub Body

27 Do You Love Your Bike?

28 Bike Frame Design – Steps and Issues in Designing a Women-Specific Alloy Road Bike Frame

29 Giant’s New TCR Composite 1 Revisited; Composite 2 Compared and Contrasted with Merida Scultura 105

30 Le Tour 2010

31 OEM Suppliers: Gaining Support and Being a Reliable Customer

32 Five Reasons You Should Attend Taipei International Cycle Show 2011

33 Painting Alloy and Carbon Fiber Frames – Business Issues

34 New High Grade Alloy Model from Giant and Merida Under $US 900? – Context and Possible Implications

35 More Whispers – Fuji Carbon Road Bike $US 1,148

36 “Excuse me, can you ride?”

37 EU Starts to Review Bike Dumping by China

38 SRAM Precision – Cassette, Lockring, and Chainring Issues

39 Designing and Manufacturing an Alloy Frame – The Production Process from CAD to Jig, Decals, and Beyond

40 Bicycle (Alloy) Frame Maintenance – Cleaning Your Bike is Really Important

41 The Great Divide – “Henry Ford is the Albert Pope of the Motor Car”

42 What if . . . : Capital Raisings and (Over) Production

43 China’s Moves to OBM via OEM-Powered Takeoff – Whither Taiwan’s Brands?

44 The Bust after the Cycling Boom — Where Utility Intersects With “Lycra Chic”

45 Bicycle Frame Making with Aluminum Alloy – Key Processes: T4 vs T6 Heat Treatment, AL 6061 vs AL 7005

46 Cycling’s Downside – Dehydration, Insulin, Free Radicals and Antioxidants

47 Handlebar Taping Technique – One Method of Finishing a Handlebar Tape Wrap

48 Frame Jig Manufacturing Workshop and New E-book on Getting Started in Cycling

49 “Around Taichung” 100k Cycling Event

50 How Butted Aluminum Alloy Tubing is Produced – the strength of Taiwan’s bicycle component manufacturing sector

51 Fall He Huan Shan (Mountain) Climbing Classic – Iron Ass (鐵屁股) II Celebration of the Cycling Spirit

52 Taiwan Cycling Festival October 16 to October 24 2010

53 Bicycle Innovation, Bicycle Design, the Laws of Physics and Imagination

54 Bicycle Design Evolution – Irrelevant Designs and Wacky, Batty, Improbable Outliers

55 Quick Chain Removal via Quick Release Link and  YBN’s CLP 102, CRP-101 — Thorough Chain Cleaning is Easier

56 Taiwan Cycling Festival 2011

57 “Stone Gate” Reservoir Route 118 Challenge – Community Cycling Events

58 Taiwan Cycling Festival 2010 – One Blogger is On His Way Already

59 Taiwan Cycling Festival: Taiwan Cup 2010 and Elite Road Racing Events

60 Taiwan Cycling Festival – Taiwan Cup 2010 in Doubt as Typhoon Megi Moves Closer

62 Taiwan Cycling Festival: Taiwan Cup Cancelled

63 Rev 2 Handlebar Set for Urban Riding – Component Design Innovation

64 Taiwan Cycling Festival 2010 – Amets Txurruka Helps Out

65 Seat Post Clamp, Seat Post, Derailleur Cage Component Workshop, and Looking Ahead to Taipei Cycle 2011

66 The Crash

67 Taipei Cycle 2011 – Booth Selection Day

68 Shimano’s 2010 Challenge

69 One Very Short but Steep Climb and One 5.8 kg Road Bike (al 9005 frame)

70 Taichung Bike Week Visit to Potential Supplier

71 Mt. Yang Ming “P” Challenge 2010

72 Two Young Racers Power Up the Climb to Tatajia (塔塔加) – Great Winter Cycling in Nantou County (南投縣)

73 15th International Bicycle Design Competition and Principles of Design

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