March 2010

IBDC 2010 Evolution Bike

Roel Verhagen of the Netherland’s entry was the Evolution Bike. I like the minimalist frame, curving  from hub to hub with the forks a natural extension of this. A comfortable enough seat reclining at a nice angle. Front light mounted on the fender. The drive mechanism is by way of a continuously variable transmission. Clicking

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14th IBDC 2010 – some observations

I originally posted this on my Facebook page. Here it is again in almost the same form. Putting it here increases its accessibility. You’ll also find some coverage of aspects of the event here. Taipei Cycle’s International Bicycle Design Competition is arguably the world’s most important and prestigious. For this year’s competition, there were close

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YBN SLF210 Titanium chain – some feedback

A YBN (Yaban Chain Industrial Co.,Ltd.) rep came to the office a few weeks ago to give us a look at samples of new chains recently developed, both 10 and 11 speed. YBN did well at the recent Taipei Cycle 2010, where they were awarded 3rd place in the 2010 Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association Innovative products competition

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14th IBDC 2010 – Tribune

In this post, I’ll take a close look at one particularly interesting design from the 14th International Bicycle Design Competion (IBDC). I previously talked about, and provided a number of shots of, the Velo (designed by Jon Godston, Michiel Knoppert, Marc Walliser, and Giles McWilliam), which I found really appealing. Here I will take a

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