April 2010

Rest in Peace – The Rest is History

As you drive through the Taichung county hinterland, you will see this rising above the rice-fields. When you get right up to it, this is what it will look like: A water-tower. Well, yes…and no. Imposing, and–as I understand it these days–no longer used. It also marks the burial site of the failure of an

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Technology and Business is Not Either/Or – Magnesium Rising?

At the big trade shows, it’s always a good idea to have a plan of attack. Having people to see and appointments in the book is essential. Just as essential, however, is the meandering strategy. Besides from being great fun, you will come across things that you might not notice when you’re following the entries

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A Contented Becoming – The Joy of Cycling

When you go cycling, things become simple; clear. You think about things you would not be able to anywhere else. There’s a scene in  Legally Blonde, where Elle Woods is about to give up being a lawyer. She complains that it’s no use trying to be someone she is not. Emmet, future husband, says something

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Humanity’s? Man’s? Woman’s? Greatest Invention.

The record-breaking woman cannot be graceful; the peculiar action of cycle propulsion at high speed will not permit it in her case, and as she poses in scorching attitude, twists her pedal as rapidly as she is able, and in fact centers all her attention and energy towards the attainment of speed, she cannot fail

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Compression Clothing Does Not Work

The Journal of Sports Sciences just published this article claiming to be the first study to evaluate the effect on endurance performance of different types of compression clothing with increasing amounts of compressive surface. Check out the abstract by following the link. The study was carried out on a group of 15 well-trained endurance athletes doing maximal and

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