May 2010

Bicycle Framebuilding – Magnesium and Aluminum Compared and Contrasted

I recently posted some thoughts on the use of magnesium in frame-making. In that post I quoted technologist Josh Deetz of Deetz Design & Development Co., Ltd, based in Taichung County. Here Josh guest posts in a response to my original post. Further detailed information on magnesium available at ******************************************************************************************************************* By JOSH DEETZ I enjoyed your

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New TCR Composite 1, FCR Composite – New Strategy from Giant

Around two weeks ago the buzz came around about a limited edition bike from Giant that will retail for NT39,800–at today’s exchange rate that is US1,237. The May/June (Vol.30) edition of  Bikeman magazine covers this new offering in some detail. Last weekend on my Sunday ride a guy pulled up at the lights next to me

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Wheelbuilding 101 – Rims, Hubs, Spokes, and Cost Effectiveness

This is the first post of a few talking about wheelbuilding production issues. Technology is important but will not be the exclusive focus. Can’t be the exclusive focus. I’ll try to explain this later. The overall idea is similar to the principle discussed in a recent post: technological solutions must be cost effective. And I think cost-effectiveness

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