June 2010

Five Reasons You Should Attend Taipei International Cycle Show 2011

Or Taipei Cycle 2011 as the abbreviation will go. March 16-19 in the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang). It will also feature the 15th International Bicycle Design Competition. It seems that each year as soon as it’s over you start orienting yourself towards the coming year’s program. Applications opened a few days ago

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OEM Suppliers: Gaining Support and Being a Reliable Customer

I recently posted on issues to do with creating and maintaining a relationship with an OEM supplier. One of my readers, Nathan, suggested a followup article focusing on the finder details of negotiating with suppliers. This included questions such as what you need to know before a negotiation; good tactics to apply; negotiating prices and

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Le Tour 2010

A preview of team bikes is out in the July/August edition of Taiwan Cycle Sports. In the groupset stakes two years ago it was mainly Campagnolo Record, the rest being DuraAce. Last year SRAM Red made inroads. This year the count comes in with Campagnolo-8; Red-7; DA-7. An interesting balance acheived mostly at Campagnolo’s expense.

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Do You Love Your Bike?

Actually, the correct phrase is “Now: Do you love your bike”? It’s the conclusion to an article from Bicycling Magazine’s editor Bill Strickland, published in the May 2008 edition. I’ve tried to find some sort of link or reference to this online but can’t. To see it in full, you’ll probably have to dig up

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