July 2010

What if . . . : Capital Raisings and (Over) Production

What if you were a large company looking for a capital raising? You were once amongst one of the first wave of Taiwanese investors getting in on the China action very early on, as it shifted gears on it’s way to becoming the world’s (or US economy’s) primary outsourcing solution. So you are well invested

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The Great Divide – “Henry Ford is the Albert Pope of the Motor Car”

Readers of this blog may feel inclined to say “not again!” when I mention Iain Boal’s lecture on The Green Machine, at the Copenhagen Museum in April of this year. The quote which is the title of this post comes from that part of his talk dealing with “the great divide” in bicycle manufacturing–that between blacksmith/craftsman

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SRAM Precision – Cassette, Lockring and Chainring Issues

I have been using SRAM groupsets–mainly Rival and Force with the occasional Red–for some time now, both on the bikes I assemble for myself and those assembled for dealers, local and international. In this post I will briefly explore some issues that I have noticed, one only recently. It is part of my forming an

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