August 2010

How Butted Aluminum Alloy Tubing is Produced – the strength of Taiwan’s bicycle component manufacturing sector

Bicycle component manufacturing is highly distributed and specific; nobody manufactures complete bicycles in-house. Bicycle industry SMEs in Taiwan are at the center of multiple highly specific routines carried out and techniques applied. This feeds complex supply chains which all terminate in the assembly of a bicycle, the endpoint of the process. In this post, I want

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“Around Taichung” 100k Cycling Event 2010

Sunday 22 August 6am saw 3000 cyclists in teams of five each set out from Taichung city’s neighboring town of Feng Yuan. Organized by Taichung county government, the morning’s ride was divided into two different routes: 100km for more seasoned riders and 65km for those looking for a less intense morning’s activity. I was planning

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