November 2010

Shimano’s 2010 Challenge

I recently came across an interesting discussion thread on forums. The question was put: Is Shimano Dead? It was prompted by a contributor commenting that all he has been seeing in magazines recently is SRAM. A key point to come out in thread posts is the excellence of Rival and Force as more than

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Taipei Cycle 2011 – Booth Selection Day

Every year at this time several dozen Taiwan-based companies have to head off to the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. It means leaving the blue skies of Taichung, and the South-Central region generally, and heading into the Miaoli hills for the 2 hr trip to Taiwan’s capital. Today’s blue skies disappeared under a

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The Crash

It seems like just when you are thinking about something or notice something that you did not pay much attention to beforehand, the universe continues to bring it up. A teenager who is absolutely hooked on riding and rides one of my company’s alloy frame road bikes, had his first major fall on Sunday. Padraig

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