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2011 Archive

Archive of Articles Published in 2011

1 Carbon Composites Ratio of Stiffness to Density

2 Innovative-Product Introduction Sessions — New for Taipei International Cycle Show

3 Intellectual Property Conundrum – The Case of the ‘Elliot Flyer

4 Sun Moon Lake Cycling Training Run

5 Tour of Nantou – 75km, 1200m of Climbing

6 Cheap Bikes and the Logic Behind Neglect

7 Bicycle Frame Preparation for Painting – R-Film Application

8 From New Year Holidays to Taipei Cycle

9 2011 Annual Innovative Products Competition Award –  Taipei Cycle 2011

10 Decals – From Finalized Design to Production

11 Taipei Cycle 2011: Seminars and Events

12 15th International Bicycle Design Competition

13 Taipei Cycle – Show Preview and The Show Daily

14 National Cycling Club Series – Stage1

15 Taipei Cycle 2011 – First Photos and Impressions on Setup Day

16 15th International Bicycle Design Competition Winners and Awards – Taipei Cycle

17 Taipei Cycle 2011 – Photo Galleries

18 15th IBDC “Excellent” and “Merit” Award Winners – Taipei International Cycle Show 2011

19 Aria by Marco Mainardi – Somerset by Chen-Wei Chang & Chai-Chi Chang: Taipei International Cycle Show

20 Stage 4 – Tour of Taiwan 2011: Hsinchu to Sun Moon Lake

21 Innovative Products Competition Revisited: Taipei International Cycle Show 2011

22 Gijs and Hans Ascend He Huan Shan

23 More Cycling Up He Huan Shan

24 Bicycle Components

25 3D Printing Bicycle Components

26 Conservative Majority vs Innovative Minority – No Middle Ground in Bicycle Design

27 11th AMD Tour of East Taiwan – Stage 2 National Cycling Club Series 2011

28 11th AMD Tour of East Taiwan – Stage 3 National Cycling Club Series 2011

29 High Profile Alloy Rim

30 The Obesity Paradox and the Benefits of Low Cadence Strength Cycling Workouts

31 Thee Steps to Producing/Accessing a New Carbon Frame

32 3338 Cyclists Climb to Tatajia

33 A Few More Operational Designs

34 Not For Everyone

35 Lu Chang (鹿場) 50km Challenge

36 Participation

37 Bicycle Components — What Does Technological Progress Mean?

38 TUAA Alishan The Summit of Clouds Extreme Cycling Challenge 2011

39 Stage 6 National Cycling Club Series 2011 – Giant Cup  第17屆全國捷安特盃自行車大賽

40 Cheap Carbon Bikes Going International

41 Al 7005 and Al 7046 Aluminum Alloy – What’s In the High-End Bicycle Frame Mix?

42 Rim Manufacturing-Visit to Kinlin

2 thoughts on “2011 Archive”

  1. Hello Sabinna ! I didnt know you have such a nice website until I Google Han’s photo. I saw that old man cycling with Gijs on He-Huan mountain.
    You did a very good vision here (international and soft marketing). I ‘ve never seen any people from Taiwan do the same. I feel the passion behind business and give my thumbs up!

  2. Thanks for your comments Haiwan! We do have a passion and a wish to do things a bit differently than other companies in Taiwan. It’s a team effort which we all enjoy, although finding the time can be tricky sometimes.

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