June 2011


Podium Cafe posts are often very entertaining. As we get very close to another Tour de France there is plenty of anticipation in the leadup. In “Tour de France: 5 riders whom you maybe aren’t sure why they’re going” they highlight 5 pro cyclists who have never achieved very much at the top level for

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Lu Chang (鹿場) 50km Challenge

Sunday was the occasion for 1168 cyclists to attempt a short but very challenging ride in Miaoli County. The course began at Wen Shui (汶水) on Route 3, elevation 200m and terminated deep a good way into Taiwan’s Central Mountains at Lu Chang (鹿場), elevation 836m. Total climbing was 1300m. A “Never Stop” (永不放棄) organization event, it

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Not For Everyone

Every few months or so sees another European or USA-based bike brand or component manufacturer make a move east on some scale or another. This often means setting up an office and maybe a warehouse, or finishing facility, in Taiwan. Mass manufacturing processes will probably be located across the Taiwan strait, although there is still

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A Few More Operational Designs

Finding some time to look through the folder of photos taken at this year’s Taipei Show here’s a corner of the IBDC display area that might be of interest to some readers. The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) conducts the International Bicycle Design Competition each year and had these on public view. A standard

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