July 2012

Speed-Geared Bicycle Rejected Before Its Time

Technological development basically goes in one direction, following time from the past to the present. You can’t prove the existence of a Higgs Boson, for example, without having an idea it might exist in the first place, before you go looking for it. And on this note some suggest that Peter Sagan is, in fact,

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How do you descend fast? It’s all in the curves

The burning in my thigh told me I had lost some skin. Tenderness under my helmet told me it had also made contact with the pavement. I glanced over towards my bike: it had come to a rest against the low wall. Lucky for that, otherwise it would be at the bottom of the ravine.

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Sure Fire Way to Find a Fork (and just about any) Supplier

I am in the final stage of planning for an all-alloy bike, no carbon components at all, for the low-end of the market. This has meant selecting a quality fork producer. I produce my own carbon forks and have not yet used an alloy fork. So I have had to search for a producer. Probably

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