August 2012

Premium Rush – Fixed Gear, Steel Frame, No Brakes

“Brakes are Death” says Wilee, the main dude in this frenetic portrait of a NYC bike courier being pursed by a mad-as-a-hatter cliched corrupt NYPD cop who wants to wrest a wee slip of paper, destined for a drop-off across town, from him. It’s the sort of line you might expect from The Duke in,

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Schwalbe Road Tires: Lugano is Good; Blizzard was Fantastic

Schwalbe has recently announced an improved lineup of entry-level tires.  This is yet another example where more advanced technical features of the higher-end models migrate down to the cheaper end of the market in a number of brands. SRAM has done this with elements of the their higher-end gruppos trickling down to the lower-level offerings

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