September 2012

Recycle a Bicycle Because Bike Parts Will Save Humanity

We can walk along a path that leads to the extinction of humanity OR We can walk along a path the leads to the evolution of humanity. I really don’t like these either/or setups, myself especially arty ones. You’re the goose waddling into the dreamland the artist set up for you. But you can’t help

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The Last Crit – Does Age Really Matter? Not When the Cycling’s HOT

Enough already. The third crit for the year. Dear National Cycling Club Association, we are OVER it…them…criterium racing…for this year anyways. Sorry for shouting but we–well, maybe it’s just me–are more than satisfied with this year’s quota of flat circular racing. Tainan, Taichung, and finally Changhua. True, we were pumped, surrounded by the vibrant hum

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