October 2012

Freestyle bikes & BMX Bike Culture 40 Years On

“Moto-crosso, mo-to-croooos-ooooo” chants the Zulerhead freestyle dreamer as guns his wannabe BMX over the drop sometime in late 1974. Nothing like keeping it simple and hanging on a fixed-gear edge. Zulerhead, known to his parents as “Andrew”, was pissed that all he had was this racing-frame “street”-bike hybrid. Lucky him. Some of us had much

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Taiwan Cup 2012, Rabobank, and Doping in Cycling

So Rabobank have had quite enough of professional cycling and have pulled the plug. A classic “aha” moment for sure, although “WTF are we doing in this circus” is probably what you would have heard as a a fly on the wall of the boardroom. And it’s just one of  a few boardrooms that have

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Mounting Tight Bicycle Tire to Wheel Rim Without Tire Levers

Mounting  that new tire onto your wheel rim can be not only hard but almost impossible. Use the following technique to get it done quickly without damaging your inner tube. This is always a risk if you attempt to force a very tight tire onto a rim using tire levers. One thing though: it can be hard

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