The Great Divide – “Henry Ford is the Albert Pope of the Motor Car”

Readers of this blog may feel inclined to say “not again!” when I mention Iain Boal’s lecture on The Green Machine, at the Copenhagen Museum in April of this year. The quote which is the title of this post comes from that part of his talk dealing with “the great divide” in bicycle manufacturing–that between blacksmith/craftsman

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“Excuse me, can you ride?”

This classic poem was brought to my attention a while back and since a bit of cycling poetry has appeared via RocBike, I re-present it here. It was written in 1896, the period of the cycling boom by Andrew Patterson. It seems kind of appropriate too with out-of-control bikes to be seen in some parts

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But You Guys Don’t Ride Bikes!

cycling. . . heralds a kind of social revolution Dr. Yeong-Tyi Day Revolutionary reflections as the Republic of China (ROC) begins looking to its centenary in 2011. This will mark 100 years since the fall of the Ching Dynasty in China, one the the great revolutions in history. (On the relationship between Taiwan and the ROC).

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