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Mounting Tight Bicycle Tire to Wheel Rim Without Tire Levers

Mounting  that new tire onto your wheel rim can be not only hard but almost impossible. Use the following technique to get it done quickly without damaging your inner tube. This is always a risk if you attempt to force a very tight tire onto a rim using tire levers. One thing though: it can be hard

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Schwalbe Road Tires: Lugano is Good; Blizzard was Fantastic

Schwalbe has recently announced an improved lineup of entry-level tires.  This is yet another example where more advanced technical features of the higher-end models migrate down to the cheaper end of the market in a number of brands. SRAM has done this with elements of the their higher-end gruppos trickling down to the lower-level offerings

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Speed-Geared Bicycle Rejected Before Its Time

Technological development basically goes in one direction, following time from the past to the present. You can’t prove the existence of a Higgs Boson, for example, without having an idea it might exist in the first place, before you go looking for it. And on this note some suggest that Peter Sagan is, in fact,

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