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Taipei Cycle design & innovation Awards

The inaugural d&i Awards will take place at the upcoming 2012 Taipei International Cycle Show due to run from March 7 to March 10 inclusive. On the Taiwan side this will be hosted by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) and TBEA (Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association). Internationally this event will be run under the auspices

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Rim Manufacturing-Visit to Kinlin

Kinlin are not the biggest rim makers around but they certainly are a quality producer with customers that include Dahon, Giant, Ritchey, Reynolds, American Classic to name a few. I currently use their XR-200 rim for a wheelset that I put together two or so years ago which has proved to be very popular. This

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Cheap Carbon Bikes Going International

Heading into the summer of 2010 I posted on Giant’s strategy of offering entry-level carbon road bikes, the same price or cheaper than butted alloy models. Also see the followup post for the response of some other local companies to this. This was a Taiwan-only experiment. If it showed promise, the offering would be extended

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Bicycle Components — What Does Technological Progress Mean?

“Technology is created by the young, for the young ” says Daniel Wilson. It might be about the technology itself or just about getting old and not being as easily able to relate to technological innovations. It’s the sort of thing you could spend some time arguing about. If you accept that true technological advance is

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Not For Everyone

Every few months or so sees another European or USA-based bike brand or component manufacturer make a move east on some scale or another. This often means setting up an office and maybe a warehouse, or finishing facility, in Taiwan. Mass manufacturing processes will probably be located across the Taiwan strait, although there is still

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