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Designing and Manufacturing an Alloy Frame – The Production Process from CAD, to Jig, Decals and Beyond

Glenn Reeves

My company, Primavera Cycles,  is in the very early stages of designing a new butted-alloy frame bike. The frame will be the first and primary part of the process, to be closely followed by the selection of appropriate base colors, appropriate graphics, and decals. It will be a warts and all exposé of proceedings. You will come to see how design and manufacturing are all about arriving at solutions for multiple conundrums, which makes it all such a challenge. I’m really looking forward to it! (Only the tiniest hint of irony here . . .)

Now, I won’t be focusing on this process in the blog. I will confine my posting here to some detailed aspects of the process as we move through it, as these appeal to me as worthy of extended commentary or analysis.  So the bulk of the documentation of this “adventure” will be on Primavera Cycles Facebook page.

Pop on over and get involved by “Liking” the page. Any questions that you have or suggestions you would like to make would be most welcome. If there is anything you might like to know about further arising out of anything you see, let us know, and we will do our best to give you the skinny on that aspect or topic.

And, by the way, there’s other interesting stuff that makes its way into that Page. So, even if this sort of production process does not get you all that fired up, you may find other bicycle lifestyle or industry-related material of interest there.

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