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Ultimate Guide to Square Taper Crankset (Removal & Installation Included)

Glenn Reeves

First Components are clearly up to something.

That something would appear to be the publication of a series of “Ultimate Guides”.

The latest in the series is The Ultimate Guide to Square Taper & Octalink Cranksets.

The post gives you complete information about this type of crankset. It’s especially useful if you want to change your crankset yourself or simply do some maintenance. You would probably want to check out their previous huge guide on square taper bottom brackets since these are the relevant bottom bracket when it comes to square taper cranksets.

There is also a very detailed examination and clear example of how to both remove and install a square taper crankset.

Doing the removal is quite tricky since you really need to use the specialist crank puller tool to remove a crank from square taper spindles without damaging either the bottom bracket or the spindle. The closeup photos show you how to screw the crank puller into the crank then carefully extract the crank. Very important to ensure that the threads inside the crank are not damaged when you are using the crank puller. If the tool is not seated inside the crank far enough, then when the crank puller foot is engaged with the bottom bracket spindle, the crank puller will tear the threads because there is not enough “grip” on the threads. The crank puller will come out; your crank will still be stuck on the spindle.

You’ll find that in First Component’s video that illustrates that whole process in exquisite detail. You can play and replay to your heart’s content until you feel confident to have a go at it. There is certainly a “touch” that is required, that is learned over a period of time. But using the crank puller to remove a crank is a skill easily learned in a short period of time.

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