bicycle history

Speed-Geared Bicycle Rejected Before Its Time

Technological development basically goes in one direction, following time from the past to the present. You can’t prove the existence of a Higgs Boson, for example, without having an idea it might exist in the first place, before you go looking for it. And on this note some suggest that Peter Sagan is, in fact,

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Funky Eurobike Flashback

Odd connections: with some big mountain bike action happening in Austria this weekend, and having just booked my hotel for Eurobike 2010 (well it’s still 4 months away but the time flies and i just realized its time to book the hotel otherwise I’ll be on a park bench or maybe in a corner of

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14th IBDC 2010 – Tribune

In this post, I’ll take a close look at one particularly interesting design from the 14th International Bicycle Design Competion (IBDC). I previously talked about, and provided a number of shots of, the Velo (designed by Jon Godston, Michiel Knoppert, Marc Walliser, and Giles McWilliam), which I found really appealing. Here I will take a

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