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Repairing Stripped Threads in BB Shell

A better title would be how to avoid stripping your BB shell’s frame. It’s always better to leave BB installation to those who have 1) the right tools and 2) experience in using the tools and experience with the process. A customer who obtained one of my ladies’ road frame through an internet reseller went

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Three Steps to Producing / Accessing a New Carbon Frame

Most cyclists or even discerning buyers would probably not recognize this “brand”. The Fritz Jou booth at Taipei Cycle is, moreover,  not a particularly busy one. This company, though, handles production for very prestigious brands. Busyness, or lack of it, is no guide to business volume or potential. Just around the corner are more flawless

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How Butted Aluminum Alloy Tubing is Produced – the strength of Taiwan’s bicycle component manufacturing sector

Bicycle component manufacturing is highly distributed and specific; nobody manufactures complete bicycles in-house. Bicycle industry SMEs in Taiwan are at the center of multiple highly specific routines carried out and techniques applied. This feeds complex supply chains which all terminate in the assembly of a bicycle, the endpoint of the process. In this post, I want

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