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What if . . . : Capital Raisings and (Over) Production

What if you were a large company looking for a capital raising? You were once amongst one of the first wave of Taiwanese investors getting in on the China action very early on, as it shifted gears on it’s way to becoming the world’s (or US economy’s) primary outsourcing solution. So you are well invested

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Six steps to finding an OEM supplier

It’s my first visit to this operation. The production areas are compact, clean and neat; well-organized. This is no line-production process as such. Each section has its artisans working on their cluster of framesets. Amongst the brands represented are Colnago and Pinarello as well as a production of Rivendell Hillbournes–a good sign. I’m here to

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Free bikes for everyone?

A post from Bike Snob touching on the issue of ‘free’ and the remarks from a commentator on the post–who mentioned Chris Anderson’s recent book on “Free” as the business model of the future–led  to the following line of thought. Picture this. You see a great new bike at the shop. It’s just what you want, so in you go, get

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