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TUAA Alishan The Summit of Clouds Extreme Cycling Challenge 2011

75km of climbing that tops out at 2174m certainly has its rewards on a summer’s day. 61 qualified cyclists contested the elite section with around 2000 “citizen” cyclists ranging from 15 to 67 years taking part in the main event. (Another view of the event here). When they heard that the 1st prize for this

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3338 Cyclists Climb to Tatajia 塔塔加

It’s been a busy few weeks. Monday to Friday in the office or going out to visit suppliers or customers. The weekends has mainly been about photo shooting. I have been attending cycling events every weekend, supporting cyclists and trying to improve my strike rate of good photos. I am finding I’m being restricted a

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Mt. Yang Ming “P” Challenge 2010

This is the elevation profile of last Sunday’s 78km annual tour of Mt. Yang Ming which towers over Taipei. Every year, around the first weekend in December, some 4000 cyclists pit themselves against the mountain. Mt. Yang Ming is actually a mountain “area” with a number of peaks, the highest being Mt. Seven Stars. This

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“Excuse me, can you ride?”

This classic poem was brought to my attention a while back and since a bit of cycling poetry has appeared via RocBike, I re-present it here. It was written in 1896, the period of the cycling boom by Andrew Patterson. It seems kind of appropriate too with out-of-control bikes to be seen in some parts

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Do You Love Your Bike?

Actually, the correct phrase is “Now: Do you love your bike”? It’s the conclusion to an article from Bicycling Magazine’s editor Bill Strickland, published in the May 2008 edition. I’ve tried to find some sort of link or reference to this online but can’t. To see it in full, you’ll probably have to dig up

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