Major Changes for 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition

The Bike Europe Website has just announced a  significant changes to the structure and procedure of the IBDC. This competition is the first key event for the annual Taipei Cycle. The Show runs from 9am Wednesday thru 3pm Saturday in the first or second week of March each year. The announcement of the finalists, usually

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A Few More Operational Designs

Finding some time to look through the folder of photos taken at this year’s Taipei Show here’s a corner of the IBDC display area that might be of interest to some readers. The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) conducts the International Bicycle Design Competition each year and had these on public view. A standard

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14th IBDC 2010 – some observations

I originally posted this on my Facebook page. Here it is again in almost the same form. Putting it here increases its accessibility. You’ll also find some coverage of aspects of the event here. Taipei Cycle’s International Bicycle Design Competition is arguably the world’s most important and prestigious. For this year’s competition, there were close

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