Five Reasons You Should Attend Taipei International Cycle Show 2011

Or Taipei Cycle 2011 as the abbreviation will go. March 16-19 in the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang). It will also feature the 15th International Bicycle Design Competition. It seems that each year as soon as it’s over you start orienting yourself towards the coming year’s program. Applications opened a few days ago

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Wheelhub Assembly – cartridge bearings, freehub body

This is the followup post to the exploration of the cold forge and CNC hub factory I posted about recently. Once hubshells have been forged or machined, they are painted (outsourced) and then returned to be completed: cartridge/sealed bearing and axle assembly. Painted hub is placed on the bearing setter. Bearings are there on the

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But You Guys Don’t Ride Bikes!

cycling. . . heralds a kind of social revolution Dr. Yeong-Tyi Day Revolutionary reflections as the Republic of China (ROC) begins looking to its centenary in 2011. This will mark 100 years since the fall of the Ching Dynasty in China, one the the great revolutions in history. (On the relationship between Taiwan and the ROC).

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Rest in Peace – The Rest is History

As you drive through the Taichung county hinterland, you will see this rising above the rice-fields. When you get right up to it, this is what it will look like: A water-tower. Well, yes…and no. Imposing, and–as I understand it these days–no longer used. It also marks the burial site of the failure of an

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