Taiwan Cup 2012

Taiwan Cup 2012, Rabobank, and Doping in Cycling

So Rabobank have had quite enough of professional cycling and have pulled the plug. A classic “aha” moment for sure, although “WTF are we doing in this circus” is probably what you would have heard as a a fly on the wall of the boardroom. And it’s just one of  a few boardrooms that have

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A Perspective on the 2011 Taiwan Cup

Sunday, November 6. The Taiwan Cup that was to take place last year scores the perfect day this year, which almost makes up for last year’s disaster. There’s blue sky and the promise of heat to come. But, once again, it could have been different. Rain began to fall the very next morning after the

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Taiwan Cup 2011 – International Teams Check In

It’s a wonderful morning in Hualien with bright sunshine and the temperature climbing. Mr. Rostaing of the Velo-Club La Pomme Marseille reflected most teams’ sentiments by observing that “It sure is a great day for cycling”.  He was the first of the teams to check-in, collect their documents and pick up their team cars. Team

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Taiwan Cycling Festival 2011: Hualien – Taitung Return

Events began on October 22 with a leisure cycling and higher-level challenge ride and will continue over a number of similar events through to November 20. The final event on that day will be a climb through Taroko Gorge towards Wuling. Heading over to Hulien from Taichung across the Central Cross-Island Highway, I stopped a

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