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Taipei Cycle 2011 – First Photos and Impressions on “Setup” Day

Glenn Reeves

Tomorrow it’s on. But today is chaos and March madness. You’ve got until 5pm exactly to have your booth setup and to have left the building. There’s millions of dollars of fabulous cycling equipment on-site, and the security guys are determined to keep it there.

For now, time to get in line and listen to the officials. Get to the rear cargo-entrance doors and get your gear in. The doors shut at 5pm and will not open until 3pm on Saturday when everything is put in reverse.


But, bit by bit it comes together, although still some way to go.

Around the corner, Alligator have some way to go.

Coach Chen, who is displaying some of  his range of wheelsets is also just around the corner. He put in a fine effort in Sunday’s Stage 1 event, completing in 1hr 33min.

KTM are a good part of the way there. They are in the same position as last year, as are most of us.

KMC have it all ahead of them!

Props ready to be installed in their appropriate places in one display out in the foyer. Can’t wait to see how this all comes together.

Just opposite is the registration desk for exhibitors. Time to pick up ID passes and sign some paperwork.

Some displays are just a piece of cake.

Velo have a great booth design as is the case most years. The stock has not yet arrived, but it is sure to look good on-site.

I’ve no time to linger as the doors will be closing soon. But this will be worth a closer look when the time is available.

RST have it all under control.

Gigantex are ready to go right now.

Exustar, though, have it all ahead of them.

Nice and worth a second look.

Reception is ready for the crowds tomorrow.

“one more bike, one less car”. A debate for another day…

This was going to be predictable, but pedelecs is a strong theme. I’ve already seen a very variable range of models.

Shades of last year’s award-winning “Eagle”.

Plenty of standard fare to feast your eyes on.

Top quality wheelset. Back for another look at the rest of it later.

Giant have already been there with their Innovative Product winner last year. Still it is pretty nice 🙂

I use one of Kinlin’s rims on a wheelset I have had in production for the last 18 months. Light and strong.

A SRAM groupset on display. Back for closer looks when time permits.

Just a matter of unpacking the tube protection.

Something for the whole family here.

They might not know it, but there is a very old one of these, in this very color scheme out in Nantou County.

Oh yes.

And just to the right, I’m just about done.

Don’t forget next year’s Taipei Cycle.

At the end of the day, the setup is over and just the leftovers remain to be put in their place.

First impressions: Pedelecs, “classic” style bikes (I’ll try to explain that later), fixies very much in evidence. But I’ve only skimmed the surface so that’s probably wide of the mark. A closer look over the next few days will clear that up.

Tomorrow I hope to have a post up on the winners of the 15th IBDC by lunchtime. Ha. We’ll see.

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