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Taiwan Cycling Festival October 16 – October 24 2010

Glenn Reeves

We’ve known about the inaugural Taiwan Cycling Festival for a while here in Taiwan, although information about it has been sparse. Newspapers are beginning to report on it (eg.1 and eg. 2). I am wondering to what extent this event has had coverage outside of Taiwan?

Just a check of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s website does not list it in the October schedule of events. It does not seem to be mentioned anywhere else.

You can find comprehensive info on the cycling events to take place here. But it’s not a lot of help if you don’t read Chinese. And since the target of this campaign is non-local (it is hoped that around 10,000 foreign tourists will attend) then . . .?

Have any readers outside of Taiwan had access to any publicly available information about this? It looks like being a great event, and I hope I can get down there and maybe get a blogging angle on some of the goings-on. Better still would be to do some cycling — hopefully time will permit.

If you can make it in the time that is left before the cranks begin turning, it would be well worth the trip. Anyhow, it’s on again next year and I will see if I can perhaps get a heads up on information well in advance — if you are a cyclist, there is a wealth of good cycling and a whole lot else to thoroughly enjoy in Taiwan!

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